What’s all the heat about?

It’s been a strange year for us here in Colorado.  We’re not used to this 90+ degrees for days in a row.  When it gets 90 by 9:00 am it’s a short work day.  Of course the heat means there are lots of weeds to pull so that has been the main activity this year.  Keeping the garden looking good by managing the weeds and water.

This is what’s around the garden this week:

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The grass along the front walk in front of the extension building has always been a problem.  The snow melt and salt constantly kills the edge of the grass.  To help with that we put in a border of annuals.  If we replace the plants every year we won’t have to worry about them being killed.  Every year we can do something different if we would like to change it up.

Also this year we’ve covered the rest of the front of the building with newspaper and mulch to ready it next year for a new garden.  Last year we did the patch to the left of the arbor and it is now ready for some new plants.

We’re low on plants this year.  We didn’t get any Plant Select this year and we haven’t had many donations.  If any of you are dividing your plants in your gardens this year and would like to donate some plants (we’re in great need of shade perennials), please take them to the extension office and let Amy, our horticulture agent know they are there.  We would appreciate any and all donations this year.  Thanks in advance for sharing.

We spied some pollinators in the garden this week.  The Tree Swallows really use the bird house.  It is the second year for babies.  A hummingbird was spotted and a nice bee.  I didn’t realize it until I looked a the picture that there is a big grasshopper on one of the plants.  He needs to be bird food.  Don’t eat our plants!!  That feather on the bird house is pretty big.  The bird that left it should make a meal of that grasshopper.

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We have the beginning of our path to the compost bins at the bottom of the hill.  We’ve slipped and slided and bumped our way to the compost bin for a few years now.  This will be much safer and nicer.  There are plans to continue the path and integrate it in the garden so there is easy access to it.

We will be in the garden soon.  I’m sure there will be lots of weeds to pull.

Happy Gardening!!


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