A New Season Starts

Hurray, it’s gardening time.  The weather is getting warmer but not too hot yet so it’s a nice time to be outside in the garden.  Plants are popping up all over.  The tulips and daffodils and now the iris have come and are almost gone.  The perennials should start to really take off now.


Jill, one of our Master Gardeners is also a garlic enthusiast.  Here are some garlic tips from Jill:

It’s time to fertilize the garlic if you have not already done so.  I like Age Old Kelp personally.  It is a concentrate that I mix with water.   Read the directions before you use it.  Wait until the soil dries out a little and then soak the ground.  It is okay to get it on the leaves.   My garlic made it through the winter pretty well.  The hard neck varieties fared well with a loss of about 2%.  The soft neck varieties did not fare as well, with about a 30% loss.  The spring snow and showers had all the stems bent over, but they have popped back up and are reaching for the sun.

Photo by Jill Ricker

Harvest time will be in June or so.  Here’s a Plant Talk article for more tips:    http://planttalk.colostate.edu/topics/vegetables/1827-harvesting-garlic/


As a refresher on what we did in the garden last year, (see the last blog from last season):

We papered and mulched a large section of grass and put in pavers in front of the building.  This coming Spring we’ll get to  put plants and a nice bench and an arbor under the plum tree.  It will make a nice new entrance to the garden at the north end

Barbi has been busy already.  She donated a lovely arbor for the new north entrance to our garden.  This is placed where we papered and mulched for a new garden area and where we put in new stepping stones.  She brought the arbor and even cemented it in for our strong winds.  What a beautiful addition to our garden.  Our Beverly Sills Iris are framed nicely by the arbor.  We can’t wait to see climbing vines winding their way up the arbor.  Thanks Barbi!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Tree Swallows are having babies in the prairie garden birdhouse again.  Hopefully we will be seeing young ones soon.


We have lots of plans in the works for this year.  Stay tuned and see what else we can conjur up!  We have a lot of talented Master Gardener volunteers and we’re excited about what is coming.

Happy Gardening!!







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