Another season over (we think)

hawthorne berries

hawthorne berries

We met for our last garden session for this year but the weather has been crazy nice.  It’s still in the 70’s during the days and 40’s at night.  We’ve had a couple of freezes but there are still plants blooming.  Roses and hibiscus are still blooming and of course the weeds haven’t given up yet.

With all this nice weather we may have to sneak down and do some watering.  The ground is so dry and there hasn’t been any moisture to speak of so we’ll have to make sure the gardens and trees get the moisture they need.

We mulched a lot the last few sessions.   We stood back and looked at what we accomplished this year.  We papered and mulched a large section of grass and put in pavers in front of the building.  This coming Spring we’ll get to  put plants and a nice bench and an arbor under the plum tree.  It will make a nice new entrance to the garden at the north end

We trimmed back some perennials but left what we could for the wildlife to use as shelter and food.  We left the rose hips for the birds and grasses and seeds heads for other creatures.    We exchanged one of our bird houses for a different model to attract more bluebirds.  The Tree Swallows used the bird house and had babies in one of our houses but didn’t use the other so by switching it to a different type we’re hoping birds will use both of them.

We’re proud of the Xeric garden.  For years nothing would grow there so last year we dug out some old fabric and worked the soil and planted some low water plants.  It’s very dry and rocky there but we had some plants come back this year and added some more and it’s looking much better than the old rocks with weeds in them.

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So, we’re finished for the season but it’s such nice weather and we haven’t had our first snow so we may stop in and see what’s happening.

See you next Spring!!

What’s happening in your garden?



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2 Responses to Another season over (we think)

  1. SCMGA says:

    All your hard work is certainly paying off. We had our first snow yesterday, and the temperatures dropped into the low 30’s. I think we have definitely moved into the next season. 🙂


    • pbodwell says:

      As of today I think we have too. The garden should get some snow today and a couple of nights have been into the 20’s and 30’s so it’s definitely time to say goodbye until Spring (unless we get more crazy warm weather and have to do some winter watering.)


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