Who says gardening isn’t good exercise?

We often talk about the benefits of gardening.  Exercise is one of them.  There was a lot of bending and stooping and pulling and digging going on this work week.  We continued clean up, moved some bushes, dug up some grass, and planted some roses.  We’re glad we can still keep moving.  If you can’t do all the standing there are some nice garden seats available.  Sue, one of our ladies has a nice seat that has storage for her tools and has wheels, which allows her to still be able to get out and enjoy the benefits of gardening.


We were excited to see some birds using our bird house we added to make our garden a wildlife habitat.  If we identified correctly these are Tree Swallows.  Last work day we found a nest in the Hawthorne bush.  This week we found another nest in the Spirea bush.

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The tulips were out in full force this week as well as some other bushes and trees are starting to get their buds.  Next work day we expect the iris to be blooming.


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Barbi dug up some grasses and a Cotoneaster that are by the path and will get too big to be there.  They will eventually block the path so might as well take care of them when they are not too big to move easily.  Go Barbi!!  She is our digger or at least was today.  Elsa and Barbi then planted 6 donated roses, and Sheila pruned the Nine Barks which is an annual endeavor.  Elsa was able to use some of the compost from our compost pile we started last year.  It was really nice and dark compost.  Everyone else was busy pulling weeds and weeds and more weeds.  It was time to deadhead the daffodils as well.  When deadheading daffodils and tulips and other Spring bulbs just cut the flower stem down a couple of inches and leave the leaves.  The leaves will help give nutrients to the bulbs for next year.  They also give some green foliage interest to the garden.  Once the leaves turn yellow and dry up they may be removed and should pull off easily.  Good stuff for the compost pile.


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We had a nice morning and the weather wasn’t too bad.  A little windy at times kept us cool, but yikes, there’s a big cloud coming with some lightning so time to pack up and go to lunch and do some more garden planning.


Get out and move in your garden!!





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One Response to Who says gardening isn’t good exercise?

  1. I have a tractor seat on wheels from Garden Supply that helps my back. I also had one like the first photo, but it wouldn’t turn easily enough for me. However, My grandkids and i mounted a baby sled onto the first one and they rode it down the driveway for many years. 🙂


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